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Sexual Medicine is the intersection of Sexuality and Medicine.  Simply the Medical Aspects of Sexual Concerns and the Sexual Aspects of Medical Concerns.

Sexual Medicine covers:

  • The diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV/AIDS
  • Hormonal Treatment (Low Testosterone, Hormones for Transsexuals, Menopause)
  • Medical evaluation and treatment of sexual dysfunctions – Problems with Early (or Premature) Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Delayed Ejaculation, Inhibited Orgasms, Pain during or after sexual activity, Sexual Arousal, Sexual Interest/Desire (too much, too little, or unwanted) or other sexual functioning concerns
  • Difficulty with sexual functioning related to a medication side effect, medical diagnosis, or procedure
  • Sexual rehabilitation after stroke, heart attack, or other debilitating medical condition
  • General Gynecological Care
  • General Andrological Care
  • Hormonal Treatment of Gender Dysphoria
  • Primary Care for individuals who practice or identify with sexual interests, gender expressions, or relationships not accepted by the dominant culture.
  • Education to engage in one’s desired sexual activities safely
  • Enhancement of sexual functioning